Team Nymble

Once in a while, the entire Nymble team from tech, kitchen ops to content contribute to some of our articles!

How to Meal Plan for Indian Style Cooking? - 18 Tips

Explore efficient meal planning fundamentals for Indian-style cooking in our comprehensive guide. Learn the basics of Indian cuisine and pick up useful tips and tricks along the way.

Breaking Down the Fall of Meal Kits

Discover the reasons behind the decline of meal kits and learn what the future holds for home-cooking and daily meal-planning. Find out what comes next and how consumers' preferences have shifted towards more convenient and flexible options.

An Epicurean Adventure: A Guide to Global Food

Join us on an epicurean adventure and explore the diverse and delicious world of global cuisine! Our guide offers tips, recipes, and insights for savoring a journey of flavors.

Debunking the Most Common Induction Heating Myths

Induction heaters date back to the Industrial Revolution. While we have come a long way since, the skepticism and myths around Induction heating still persist. We at Nymble are here to de-bunk these myths through this blog post!

How Eating Together made us Human

To understand the role that cooking has played in our lives, we need to revisit history. The blog takes a close look the social nature of cooking and eating.

How we taught our Chefs to Code

A sneak-peek into how kitchen robots are able to cook delicious meals at autopilot. Read about how we built an unlikely partnership between software developers and professional chefs to bring this moonshot of an idea to fruition.
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