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December 11, 2021

5 Simple Ways How a Kitchen Robot can make you a Better Cook

A robot cook can perform a combination of cooking tasks, maintain consistency and speed, and also inspire you to be a better cook yourself, in the process. Here are 5 ways how a kitchen robot can help you solve a lot of labor in and around the kitchen, and help you learn more about the craft of cooking.

Darshana Dutta

Cooking good food is not everyone’s cup of tea. At least that’s what we like to believe. 

If you are a home cook, cooking isn’t just about cooking, it also includes planning, shopping, storing, prepping, combining ingredients, and then of course cooking. 

If one is not exactly passionate about all the steps, it can often seem overwhelming. Here’s where automation can come in. A kitchen robot can help you solve a lot of these labor and time-intensive jobs and in turn, make you an awesome cook. 

When we talk about robots in the kitchen, we don’t necessarily mean robots with dramatic robot arms performing kitchen chores as humans do. In the present reality, cooking robots are extremely smart countertop gadgets that can perform a combination of tasks, maintain consistency and speed, and overall enhance productivity. 

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Here are 5 Ways How Having a Kitchen Robot Can Make you an Better Cook

Simplifying the Meal Planning process

Finding the time and energy to plan healthy meals tailored to your tastes and nutritional needs can be a daunting task, especially for a time-starved generation that is always on their toes. 

Thankfully most cooking robots and AI-based kitchen applications come with catalog meal ideas or pre-designed meal plans. With a simple tap on the screen, you are able to view (and order) all the ingredients required for the meal. Gone are the days of fishing the perfect recipes on a cookbook or on the internet, your robot cook can give you the extra boost at nailing cooking by simplifying these initial steps. 

Guided-Cooking Experience

If you wish to recreate restaurant-style dishes at home, it will naturally consist of a lot of steps. When you actually start going through the steps, it’s quite normal to get confused and demotivated to even get started. Most often than not, this comes in the way of you becoming an awesome cook. With kitchen robots, however, you are in for a hand-held cooking experience. If you want to cut the overall calories of your meal, amount of salt or any other variable in your dish, you can do so by simply tweaking a few settings.

With Nymble, for example, you get the freedom to adjust the recipe of your favorite dishes according to your preferences. Once you have instructed Nymble on how you want your dish to be, you can sit back while it does the cooking for you. You can actually watch our kitchen robot perform one step after another, like a symphonic choreography.

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Making Things from Scratch

The ever-growing dine-out culture, a slew of online delivery apps, easy accessibility to prepared meals and meal kits, an eclectic range of frozen foods- all these have made cooking from scratch a scary thought for most of us. 

When you are in the kitchen with a robot chef (and especially Nymble) cooking fresh meals from scratch will become a cakewalk. Julia will guide you through the entire process from start to finish where the first step would generally be as simple as inserting fresh veggies into Julia. 

Fresh home-cooked meals come with a plethora of health benefits like -rich in nutrients, free from chemical additives, low in sugar, and so on. Needless to say, it also tastes much better. With robots in the kitchen, having fresh homecooked meals every day will soon become the reality, even with a hectic schedule.

Understanding Seasoning and Stirring

When it comes to cooking, timing, measures, and adjustments need to be perfect and consistent for great results. Seasoning is the foundation of good a dish, if you put too little it can be bland, if you add too much it can turn out to be inedible. Mastering and balancing seasoning and stirring is probably what separates a good cook from a bad one.

When you are working with a cooking robot, consistency and precision in cooking is completely taken care of.  A cooking robot will add the spices exactly when it should and it will stir your dish at the correct temperature. It basically takes care of the technical aspects of cooking making you more confident and comfortable in the kitchen. Additionally, when you embrace the varying degrees of helping hand in the kitchen, you get more freedom to explore the culinary world.

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Gift of Time

It is a no brainer that cooking (in the traditional way) is a time consuming task. An average homemaker spends as much as 253 minutes per week in the kitchen cooking meals and the figure is  much higher when it comes to professional cooking. The greatest benefit of embracing a cooking robot is that it will help you save a whole lot of time. You don’t have to make the tough decision of choosing between a nice home cooked meal and let’s say spending time with your loved ones. You can have both. 

A cooking robot perfectly fits into your fast pace life. When you are already juggling a lot of things in your life, cooking is one area that can be simplified significantly. Kitchen robots presents a “Set it and Forget about it” approach to cooking which aligns with how people like to spend their time and enjoy their meals. With the heightened wave of healthy eating and rising food safety concerns, the idea of cooking robots is creating the buzz in the market for all the right reasons!