Building Nymble

Simplifying Mealtime with a Kitchen Robot: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the advantages of a kitchen robot – from precise measurement to convenience in cooking, explore the wonders of a robotic culinary companion and unlock the potential of your kitchen.

How to involve your kids in the cooking process?

Encouraging kids to participate in the kitchen ensures that they develop a taste for a wide range of foods and also positive cognitive growth. Here is a comprehensive guide to motivate your kids to participate in cooking activities.

Is it time to automate cooking at home?

Kitchen robots are a common occurrence in restaurant kitchens today, designed to make mass cooking operations smoother and improve customer experience. But, how far is it for similarly contrived cooking robots to take over the kitchens of your homes and is it for the best, after all?

5 Simple Ways How a Kitchen Robot can make you a Better Cook

A robot cook can perform a combination of cooking tasks, maintain consistency and speed, and also inspire you to be a better cook yourself, in the process. Here are 5 ways how a kitchen robot can help you solve a lot of labor in and around the kitchen, and help you learn more about the craft of cooking.

Why We Built Nymble?

We have been continuously adapting newer ways to socialize, work, entertain and connect. Read our latest blog on why we started building Nymble and how it is aiding the smart kitchen revolution!

Why We Built Nymble?

How We Spoke To Users Before Building a Product

Check out the blog to find out about how companies can get meaningful customer insights without having a minimum viable product- from our own journey of customer development.

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