StarChef Stories

StarChef Stories
November 2, 2022

StarChef Stories: QnA with Kishwar Chowdhury

Celebrity Chef and finalist at MasterChef Australia, Season 13, Kishwar Chowdhury set the culinary stage alight with her renditions of mouth-watering Indian and other delicious South Asian dishes. The chef flew down to the Nymble Office to interact with our team and the cooking robot that whipped up some of her signature dishes. Read the post to learn more about her collaboration with Nymble.
StarChef Stories
October 29, 2022

StarChef Stories: QnA with Keyma Vasquez

Keyma Vasquez made a strong case for various Latin American cuisines during her impressive run on the MasterChef Australia, Season 14. Team Nymble got the chance to deep dive into her culinary journey and her collaboration with our cooking robot.
StarChef Stories
October 18, 2022

StarChef Stories - QnA with Dorian Hunter

Treading the culinary space with the belief that 'the love that you put in food is what makes it Southern', the 'Nymble X Dorian Hunter' recipe curation is a tribute to Soul Food and the next step in bringing Southern cuisine to the world, and to every home. Read our exclusive interview with MasterChef Season 10 winner, Dorian Hunter.
StarChef Stories
October 13, 2022

StarChef Stories - QnA with Jenn Lee

Jenn Lee’s first breakthrough in the culinary world came during her memorable run in MasterChef Australia: Fans and Favourites (Season 14) where she made a name for herself by plating unique dishes week in and week out. Team Nymble had a memorable discussion with the Taiwanese-Australian chef to learn more about her journey, cooking philosophies and her first impressions on our cooking robot.