Building Nymble
August 10, 2022

Why We Built Nymble?

When World War 2 came to an end and the men returned home, women were expected to take up the role of primary caregiver of their families. As the post-War economy boomed, a host of appliances meant to aid women in housework gained widespread adoption.

Things began to change to change in the 1970s. Women participation in labor force increased. As in cue, TV dinners started seeing more traction as Mom was no longer in the kitchen cooking elaborate meal.

Over the next many years, food production moved from homes to automated factories of the industrial food complex or ‘Big Food.

And cooking changed its meaning.

"...these convenience foods have been sold to women as tools of liberation; the rhetoric of kitchen oppression has been cleverly hijacked by food marketers to sell more stuff. …they have succeeded in redefining what is commonly meant by the verb “
to cook.”" - Michael Pollan in NY

The Kitchen also didn’t keep up. While technology has transformed the way we shop, socialize, work, entertain, connect — the Kitchen has remained fossilized. It is as if in the age of self-driving cars, we’re still driving horse-carts.

This is where we come in. Our story started when we were young, with pots, pans and mayhem in the kitchen. At that point of time we didn’t realise we’ll be doing this for the rest of our lives. But here we are. Our LEGO set was a spatula and a whisk. Playmates, tomatoes and pasta.

As young kids with working parents, an empty kitchen was the outlet for all our creativity and crazy shenanigans. We grew up loving food to its last bit and
stumbling our own way
to discover how it was

But growing up into working millennials, the reality of everyday cooking is starkly different. Let’s put it straight. It is a continual occurrence to see people struggle to eat good after coming back from a hard day at work. Working mothers juggling between kids and a stove. College grads fresh into their jobs surviving on an unhealthy junk diet. Even in this age and time, people are being forced to make a choice.

Spend hours in the kitchen grinding it out — or trade your time for takeout/delivery.

We want to change that. We want to put the power of a chef in your kitchen who can curate, cook and manage your everyday eating while you spend time on the things that you love doing.

We want you to be able to eat real food. Made with real ingredients you trust. Cooked exactly as you want it. And marry it with convenience.

We aren’t ones to paint airy edifices. And this is not an easy problem to solve. It lies at the complex intersection of software, hardware, and the expertise of cooking great food.

And we’ve set out on this mission building it brick-by-brick. And as they say, all of us are better than one of us.

Be a part of all of us.

Be a user, Try our product!

Or work with us.

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