Anusha Murthy

Product Manager
Anusha Murthy, Head of Marketing at Nymble has contributed on many articles, especially detailing our customer journey story.

How Nymble helps Maithilee and Atul take the stress out of everyday cooking

Discover how Maithilee and Atul make dinner times enjoyable with warm, home-cooked meals, despite their busy schedules and limited time.

How Tushar Uses Nymble to Feed His Family Fresh Cooked Meals and Reconnect to His Indian Roots

From ditching frozen meals to embracing healthier eating habits, this dad of two does it all.

How to cook like a human — The cooking basics

Here are some cooking basics that you can watch out when you are cooking you favorite recipes. These essential tips will help you ensure that whichever dish you are preparing is rustled up with the perfect consistency, flavor and taste.

How We Spoke To Users Before Building a Product

Check out the blog to find out about how companies can get meaningful customer insights without having a minimum viable product- from our own journey of customer development.
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