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March 17, 2023

How Tushar Uses Nymble to Feed His Family Fresh Cooked Meals and Reconnect to His Indian Roots

From ditching frozen meals to embracing healthier eating habits, this dad of two does it all.

Anusha Murthy

From ditching frozen meals to elevating their dinner time, this dad of two does it all.

Cooking and feeding your family a fresh, healthy meal after a long working day is perhaps one the biggest struggles of all time, it haunts us all. But there is some respite, thanks to dads like Tushar.

Tushar has been a user of Nymble for the last 6 months and talks to us about his experience of life with a cooking robot.

Tushar Dubey, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii,  currently a Bay Area resident is a man of many hats. He founded a small bakery business with his wife which they sold for profit. He is currently developing a consumer-facing marketing app for restaurants along with his job as a real-estate developer. Throughout his rousing professional career, his love for exploring different types of food in different cities stayed constant - “Wherever my career took me, I made sure to try the best food the place had to offer.”

A Day in the life of the Dubeys

Tushar’s wife is a full-time teacher who has to leave the house by 7 am every day. This means that Tushar has to don the chef’s hat at home; by getting up early in the morning and ensuring that breakfast is ready for his wife and their two kids. “I get up by 6 am every day and right after I freshen up, I head to the kitchen and get cooking. I make breakfast for my wife, and both breakfast and lunch for my daughter and son. I spend about 2 hours in the morning cooking fresh food”, he says.

With a family of athletes (his wife and kids), Tushar is extra particular about ensuring that the food they consume is rich in protein and helps them to fuel up effectively. However, due to time constraints, Tushar's family often resorted to consuming frozen food for dinner before they had access to Nymble.

“After a long stressful day of multi-tasking, chauffeuring kids, folding laundry, & learning no-code workflows, come dinner time the last thing I wanted to do is cook from scratch. We relied a lot on frozen vegetarian meals - like burritos, pre-packaged meals that were quick, protein-rich and not-so-bad for you."

Although he did manage to feed his family - he wasn't happy with the quality and type of food. Thanks to his mom who was a great cook and an adventurous eater, he grew up eating fresh food and being exposed to different ethnic cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Filipino. However, he regrets not being able to provide the same experience for his children.

Tushar realized they needed a solution that could help them ease their meal times and yet enable them to eat diverse and fresh food, like the kind he was nostalgic for.

When they tried Nymble, their experience was unlike anything before.

From Frozen & Pre-packaged to Fresh & Hot.

Shift in the Dubey's eating patterns.

He sets up a recipe about 30 minutes before his family returns home for lunch, ensuring that fresh food is always ready to be served. For dinner, he selects a new recipe to try, loads its ingredients, and leaves it to cook while attending to other tasks. He further adds that after their meals, cleaning is easier because only a single pot is used for every recipe session.

He was excited about the fact that they had access to great food, made from scratch, even comparing it to his mother's cooking skills - “It’s tough to fill the shoes of an Indian mom who is adept at cooking delicious food from scratch every single day, but Nymble definitely lives up to those expectations.”

“With Nymble, I can have fresh ingredients prepped, and choose a recipe that will be hot and ready in under 30 minutes, and by the time everybody comes home - there’s fresh, protein-rich food waiting to be served.”

Nymble lets you search for recipes based on what's available in your pantry / refrigerator.

The ability to search for recipes based on the ingredients they had at home was also an added bonus, he says.

Being his family's own MasterChef

Prior to Nymble the Dubeys were eating quick meals, that didn't require a lot of culinary expertise. Apart from the quick meals like pre-packaged lentils and naan, vegetarian burritos, it would be simple meals like some stir-fried tofu, broccoli and corn on the cob.

Tushar thinks that Nymble’s main superpower is that it empowers people to be the heroes of their own kitchen, as well as masters of various cuisines.

"I'm using Nymble to try things that I've never tried before. I know what good food should taste like but I don't have the institutional knowledge to make it. The fact that all of this is fed into Nymble and you can prepare and enjoy dishes from around the world within your kitchen, is genius!”

As an American-born Indian, Tushar enjoys Indian food and cooking his own meals. Nevertheless, he admits that he hasn't had many chances to explore beyond his current repertoire when it comes to experimenting with Indian cuisine. "I often get confused with putting the ingredients in the correct order and things of that sort - but I don't have to worry about that anymore”, he explains. "And our dinner has never been so varied", he adds enthusiastically. Dishes like Shakshuka (his wife's favorite), Chole Masala, Tomato Lasagna Soup, Dosa & Sambar are now staples in the house of Dubeys, thanks to Nymble.

             A snapshot of the different cuisines available on Nymble.

In just a few months, Tushar’s family transitioned from relying on frozen meals to enjoying fresh, protein-rich dishes prepared by Nymble. What's more, they also got the freedom to explore a diverse range of authentic cuisines without the worry of getting the recipes right or spending a fortune to experience those traditional flavors. With its ease of use and versatility, Nymble has wholly transformed the way Tushar's family approaches their mealtimes.

Watch Tushar talk about how life has changed post-Nymble:

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