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July 12, 2023

How Nymble helps Maithilee and Atul take the stress out of everyday cooking

Discover how Maithilee and Atul make dinner times enjoyable with warm, home-cooked meals, despite their busy schedules and limited time.

Anusha Murthy

Discover how Maithilee and Atul, despite their hectic schedules and limited time, manage to make dinner times enjoyable with warm, home-cooked meals.

Cooking can frequently become a stressful activity for couples managing demanding professional careers in the world of technology. In the midst of their tech-driven lifestyles, they struggle to achieve harmony in the kitchen while working to break the monotony in meal options, a lack of free time, and the need to unwind. 

But Maithilee and Atul are taking charge of their own story and giving it a more delicious twist. 

A day in the life of Maithilee & Atul

As a duo that works in tech, their days are typically packed with meetings. 

Maithilee runs her own tech startup and also works as a communication coach, while Atul works in tech, collaborating with a global team across different time zones. This typically translates to a schedule with days filled with work and meetings, sometimes stretching over to post dinner time. 

A typical breakfast includes cereals, bran muffins, or boiled eggs. For lunch between meetings, they opt for simple meal options such as leftovers, salads, or burritos. 

Dinners are usually when they don their cooking hats. After 6pm, either Maithilee or Atul would step into the kitchen, select a recipe, and start cooking. This often required significant coordination and consumed a considerable amount of their limited time and mental energy.

“Cooking is not only time-consuming but it's also mentally demanding.. To ensure you get a great meal, you have to be very attentive and focus entirely on what you’re cooking. Which can be very stressful when juggling multiple tasks.” 

As recent empty nesters, looking to try out new things and fed up with their status quo, Maithilee came across Nymble and immediately decided to bring home the cooking robot.

Life post Nymble: Transitioning from stressful dinner times to relaxed, intentional evenings.

With Nymble, Maithilee and Atul have a weekly routine where they look at Nymble’s recipe collection and start planning meals for the week and purchase groceries.

Instead of preparing a meal from scratch at 6 p.m. on any workday, they simply follow Nymble's prep instructions and load everything up. They either clean up the kitchen, attend to other chores, or simply spend time together while Nymble takes care of the cooking.

Maithilee adds, "By pre-planning our prep process, we sometimes even get to enjoy warm lunches in the middle of the day - which is a great luxury."

Previously, they had to allocate time for researching or finding new recipes to avoid monotony but, due to time constraints, they often ended up relying on the same familiar options. Although they did try meal kits, they still had to actively spend time cooking. With Nymble, the effort is much lesser - and plus they’re experimenting with multiple cuisines and recipes that they have not cooked before.  

Shift in Maithilee and Atul's eating habits, before and after Nymble.

So, what is their verdict on the food?

The Private Chef of their dreams

“The food is absolutely delicious! We're amazed by its perfection, and the spice levels are just right. Nymble is truly our private chef," Atul exclaims.

As we wind up, Maithilee says something that really stays with us. 

“In today's world, there are countless things vying for our attention, such as social media and various products and tools. It's incredibly rare to find something that helps restore your peace of mind, gives you back time, and allows you to destress. Nymble is one such product that has greatly enhanced our lives!”

Users like Maithilee and Atul inspire and motivate us to continually strive for creating exceptional products. If you, like Maithilee and Atul, wish to automate your food preparation and simplify your life, Nymble is what you need.

The first batch of Nymble is sold out, and deliveries start in June 2024. We'll start accepting reservations for the next batch at approximately the same time we start delivering the first batch. We'll be sharing more information closer to this date. See you soon!!