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August 12, 2023

How Nymble Changed Nitin's Home Dining Routine For The Better

Nymble turned Nitin's home dining into a seamless affair, making sure wholesome meals were always ready with minimal effort.

Kaustav Ray

Amid the whirlwind of today's demanding world, where we're constantly juggling work, family, and personal pursuits, there's a particular challenge that consistently emerges – ensuring that our family enjoys delicious homemade meals. Trying to cook amidst time limits and tiredness at the end of the day is a bit like finding your way through a challenging maze. Yet Nitin Kumar Chennupati, a Hardware Development Engineer located in Mountain View, California, having faced the same cooking challenges, found a bit of hope in this cooking puzzle. He found a solution that promises to make things easier and add some simplicity to his cooking journey.

Let's closely observe how he and his family's eating habits changed after they welcomed Nymble into their household.

Nitin’s Eating Habits Before Nymble

Before integrating Nymble into his household, Nitin faced his own set of eating challenges. Weekday mornings were a rush, leaving him with little time for breakfast, often resorting to quick options like eggs or smoothies. On top of this, his demanding workdays meant he frequently had to resort to takeout or ordering food, as finding time to cook amidst his daily routine was a struggle. The combined pressures of his job and the time-consuming process of manual cooking and ingredient preparation discouraged him from considering homemade meals.

This routine left them yearning for a better alternative that could provide nourishing, yet hassle-free meals in line with his family’s on-the-go lives.

Nymble’s Takeover of Nitin’s Everyday Eating

Nitin's culinary routine saw a significant shift, all thanks to Nymble's integration into his daily life.

Much like other users who have found comfort in Nymble's culinary expertise and meal planning capabilities, Nitin too made the most out of his personal robot chef. During weekends, he browses through the app's menu and crafts a curated list of dishes for the upcoming week. Armed with a well-organized grocery list, he shops for the required ingredients, occasionally exploring community-designed recipes on the Beta users’ Facebook group for added inspiration. This methodical strategy not only lightens the burden of meal decisions but also kindles his adventurous side in the kitchen.

Guided by Nymble's prep and weight instructions, Nitin smoothly readies his ingredients before commencing a specific recipe. What also particularly resonates with Nitin is the ability to tailor spice levels to his taste preferences for each recipe.

Nitin has now almost entirely transitioned away from traditional stovetop cooking in favor of Nymble's culinary expertise. He shared that manual cooking is now a rarity, with Nymble taking charge of daily meal preparation. The time saved in this process has been significant for him, allowing him to focus on other aspects of his life. 

“The convenience of simply placing everything into the setup, initiating the process, and then hitting the gym while knowing that I'll return to a meal freshly prepared is truly invaluable to me.”

Food Options Galore

Nitin was really impressed by Nymble's extensive repertoire of recipes, particularly the diverse array of Indian side dishes from every corner of the country. Experimenting with these culinary delights soon became his newfound passion at home.

He gets to enjoy lots of different foods, like Indian dishes (especially chicken curries which he loves) and foods from other parts of the world too. Some of his top Indian recipes are Butter Chicken, Chicken Kosha, Chicken Ghee Roast Cauliflower, Egg Kothu Parotta, Chole Masala, and Hyderabadi Chicken Masala which is full of flavors. He also likes trying international dishes like Cilantro Lime Rice, Cajun Chicken Pasta, and Garlic Chicken Linguine.

Nitin's 5-Star Recipes on Nymble

He wraps up our interview on an enthusiastic note: 

"After experiencing the magic of Nymble, it would be a major letdown if this service disappeared. The thought of returning to the tedious routine of either ordering the same old food or cooking repetitive meals sounds incredibly unappealing now!"

If you, like Nitin, wish to automate your food preparation and simplify your life, Nymble is what your kitchen needs.

The first batch of Nymble is sold out, and deliveries start in June 2024. We'll start accepting reservations for the next batch at approximately the same time we start delivering the first batch. We'll be sharing more information closer to this date. See you soon!!