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December 20, 2023

How this family upgraded their daily cooking routine with Nymble's Kitchen Robot

Nymble made home cooking a joy, effortlessly ensuring delicious meals for Jayganesh and family with minimal hassle.

Kaustav Ray

Meet Jayganesh and his family, whose life used to be a bit of a cooking marathon before Nymble showed up. Jayganesh and his wife, both working in tech, found cooking from scratch exhausting, especially when they had parents and friends visiting or staying with them. Simple meals turned into complex and traditional South Indian dishes, making the mornings quite hectic. Lunch meant starting from scratch all over again. And by dinner, they were too tired, so they often ended up relying on leftovers or takeouts.

But then, Nymble came into their lives, and changed it all. This kitchen robot didn't just help them save time; it made their daily meals entirely hassle-free. Their usual cooking struggles had been eliminated and they eventually stopped eating the same old things over and over again. Nymble added a lot of variety to their daily meals.

This is the story of Jayganesh and his family – and how Nymble's robot chef made their cooking routine a whole lot easier.

Meal planning is a breeze with Nymble

Jayganesh shares that having Nymble in their kitchen significantly simplifies the daily task of home-cooking, both in obvious and subtle ways. With Nymble handling the entire cooking process, he can now concentrate more on planning meals and shop precisely for what they need. Jayganesh and his wife typically review available recipes or decide on their desired lunches and dinners for the week, creating an exact shopping list. This eliminates the need to wander aimlessly in grocery stores, pondering what to buy and cook. With the help of Nymble, their shopping pattern has become more efficient, saving time not only in cooking but also in overall meal planning.

Additionally, the convenience of determining what to eat through Nymble's app elevated their culinary experience. The app's features, such as categorized recipes based on diet, personalization options, diverse cuisines, specific ingredients, chef-recommended recipes, and choices for kids, contribute to an optimal meal planning experience unlike anything they've experienced before.

"We love how easy it is to find just the right recipe or get the exact ingredients for a new dish. It breaks everything down in simple steps – what goes in, how to prep and measure, and even make it fit a specific diet. The potential to personalize recipes is quite promising."
How Nymble works

Learn more about how Nymble works.

Nymble was a culinary game-changer

Having Nymble in their kitchen completely changed how his family now cooks. It has eliminated the need for long hours in the kitchen, making everything simpler and more organized. Trying new and different recipes turned into a daily habit they now eagerly enjoy.

“Nymble helped us kickstart our day with fresh, homemade meals, steering us away from the mundane routine of consuming last night’s leftovers.”

Nymble not only simplifies the exploration of global dishes with minimal effort, owing to its extensive recipe list, but also streamlines the decision-making process for cooking by enabling easy recipe filtering based on ingredients. This way, they can now effortlessly whip up either a traditional or an international dish, satisfying their cravings whenever desired. Overall, Nymble has offered a refreshing departure from their typical recipes, fostering an newfound excitement for their home meals.

“Breakfast was no longer just cereal, we could now have a variety of homemade options.”

Jayganesh's wife playfully dubs Nymble a great replacement for her husband in the kitchen. She jests that in the past, Jayganesh handled most of the cooking. Now that Nymble is in charge, they can redirect their attention to other tasks around the house, concentrate on work, or simply relax.

They also used to frequently place take-out orders as well, but were consistently dissatisfied with the quality and variety of the food, especially due to the limited Indian options available in and around their neighborhood. However, with Nymble in the picture, they found exactly what they were looking for, satisfying their preferences and allowing them to cook more at home while reducing their reliance on restaurants.

A better way to eat at home with Nymble

Jayganesh's family was impressed by the extensive collection of recipes in Nymble's repertoire, especially the diverse selection of Indian side dishes representing various regions of the country. This sparked a newfound passion for culinary experimentation at home, where they eagerly delved into the world of Nymble's recipes.

Now, they get to savor a variety of Indian dishes without leaving the comfort of his home. Among his favorite recipes are Hariyali Chicken Curry, Hyderabadi Chicken Curry, Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Prawn Ghee Roast, Potato Poriyal, Quinoa Upma, Egg Curry, Scrambled Egg Curry, and Mung Bean Curry.

Jayganesh's favorite recipes on Nymble

He emphasizes that with Nymble, it's not just about effortlessly elevating the taste of Indian dishes at home with a simple tap of a button; it's also about the ease of accessing and enjoying the process of cooking a variety of global and exotic recipes at home.

"Nymble really delivers on great-tasting, homemade food. Take Thai cuisine, for instance – we never thought we'd be making it at home. But Nymble's Thai recipes could rival those from authentic Thai restaurants."

If you, like Jayganesh, wish to automate your food preparation and simplify your life, Nymble is what your kitchen needs.

The first batch of Nymble is sold out, and deliveries start in June 2024. We'll start accepting reservations for the next batch at approximately the same time we start delivering the first batch. We'll be sharing more information closer to this date. See you soon!!