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July 28, 2023

How Nymble Helps Sharad and Samina Tackle Their Everyday Meals

With Nymble as their private robot chef, Sharad and Samina Unni set an inspiring example by consistently prioritizing fresh meals over leftovers.

Kaustav Ray

Balancing demanding professional careers with the desire to cook delicious and nutritious meals has become an overwhelming task for many. Amidst their busy lives, individuals find themselves grappling with limited time, a lack of variety in their meals, and the need to unwind. However, Sharad and Samina Unni, a dynamic married couple, are not backing down from this culinary challenge. Together, they are on a mission to revolutionize their cooking experience and discover a solution that brings joy and simplicity back to their kitchen endeavors.

The Bay Area couple leads a bustling and professionally demanding life that occupies the majority of their day. Sharad, as the Android Development team lead at Poshmark, alternates between working from home and office visits. Meanwhile, Samina dedicates her time as a preschool director, going to work every day.

Sharad and Samina’s eating habits before Nymble

Before they embraced Nymble's cooking robot as their go-to solution for food at home, the Unnis had quite a haphazard way of eating. Mornings were super busy, so they mostly settled for light breakfasts. As for lunch and dinner, their main source was the leftovers stored in the fridge from weekend cooking sessions. They had no choice but to rely on this approach because their work schedules were so hectic and conflicting that cooking fresh meals daily seemed nearly impossible.

Despite making the best of their situation, they couldn't hide their dissatisfaction with the dull and uninspiring meals they had day in and day out. They desperately wanted a better option – something that was both convenient and healthy enough to fit into their busy lives.

How Nymble transformed the Unni’s eating habits 

Every week, Sharad and Samina use Nymble to examine its recipe collection, strategize their meals for the week, and buy groceries accordingly.

Unlike their previous approach of bulk cooking on weekends, they have now adopted a highly efficient daily meal prep strategy. Before finalizing the recipes for the day, they first review and filter them based on the ingredients available. Following this, they prepare the food using the app's provided instructions for the selected recipes, which typically takes around 15-20 minutes. Once the preparation is done, they load the containers and pods, and then set the recipe to cook, allowing them to relax or focus on other tasks that require their attention.

Nymble lets you search for recipes based on what's available in your pantry / refrigerator.
"Nymble saves us from pre-cooking headaches! Now we just filter recipes by ingredients, and have plenty options to choose from."

“Nymble is my cooking saviour!”, Samina says excitedly. Before the arrival of the cooking robot in their home, she used to bear the burden of everyday cooking and meal preparation. However, since Nymble came into their lives, the situation has significantly improved. Notably, when they have guests coming over, she can now fully entrust the cooking to Nymble, as it is capable of preparing meals for multiple people. As a result, both their daily cooking and hosting get-togethers have become much less stressful occasions. 

Everyday Eating Made Easy

Sharad was delighted by Nymble's extensive recipe collection, particularly the diverse array of Indian side dishes representing various corners of the country. Now, for every meal, they completely depend on their cooking robot to handle all their side dishes.

The Unnis enjoy a wide selection of dishes, featuring both Regional Indian and intercontinental cuisines. Among their go-to regional Indian favorites are Matki Usal, Spiced Potatoes and Cauliflower, and the richly flavored Kashmiri Dum Aloo. Additionally, they indulge in delectable rice or bread dishes, savoring the likes of Chicken Pulao, Chicken Biryani, and Egg Kothu Parotta. Nymble also offers Unni the opportunity to explore a variety of intercontinental dishes, including Guyanese Green Beans and Peas, Farmhouse Frittata, Shakshuka, and more.

Some of Sharad and Samina's most cooked recipes.

Moreover, Nymble offers them great convenience in meal planning for the week. With access to various features, it recommends the best recipes based on the ingredients they currently have. This not only saves them from the stress of researching recipes in advance but also eliminates the need to dedicate time to cook daily and worry about potential cooking mishaps.

"Nymble ensures fresh food daily, plus a fantastic variety to choose from – it’s a blessing for busy folks like us!"

Watch how Nymble helped streamline Sharad and Samina's everyday cooking routine:

As of today, the couple has successfully prepared more than 30 recipes from various cuisines. This has not only enhanced the convenience of their eating habits but also elevated the overall quality of their meals.

If you, like Sharad and Saminal, wish to automate your food preparation and simplify your life, Nymble is what your kitchen needs.

The first batch of Nymble is sold out, and deliveries start in June 2024. We'll start accepting reservations for the next batch at approximately the same time we start delivering the first batch. We'll be sharing more information closer to this date. See you soon!!