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February 21, 2024

8 Candid Insights From Early Users of Nymble's Kitchen Robot

Discover candid insights from early users of Nymble's Kitchen Robot: from simplifying meal prep to transforming busy lives.

Kaustav Ray

The eagerly awaited market launch of Nymble's kitchen robot is drawing near, and we're thrilled to be part of the excitement alongside our pre-order customers who eagerly anticipate receiving their private robot chefs. (For those who haven't pre-ordered yet, keep reading till the end of this article—we've got some important information for you.)  

And then there are our day-one users, some of whom have been using Nymble in their kitchens for over a year, and have been instrumental in our growth. Their feedback, based on real-world usage, has been invaluable in shaping the product's evolution. Being pioneers in adopting a novel cooking device like ours presented unforeseen challenges, but through our ongoing collaboration, we aimed to solve all the issues they faced in their daily cooking routines.

Here's a glimpse into how some of our earliest users have seamlessly integrated Nymble into their lives and the kind of impact it has had.

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What is a kitchen robot?

1. “After a long day of managing work deadlines and shuttling kids to activities, the last thing I want to think about is cooking dinner from scratch.”

In today’s fast-paced life, where balancing professional commitments and family responsibilities feels like a never-ending juggle, meal preparation often becomes an afterthought. Tushar Dubey, a devoted father and business owner, knows this struggle all too well.

"I'm using Nymble to try things that I've never tried before. I know what good food should taste like but I don't have the institutional knowledge to make it. The fact that all of this is fed into Nymble and you can prepare and enjoy dishes from around the world within your kitchen, is genius!”

Like many busy families, convenience became their go-to, with frozen meals frequently filling their plates. But then came Nymble – a kitchen robot that offered to shake up their mealtime routine.

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2. “You no longer have to meticulously obsess over each recipe step.”

In Vijay Vusirikala’s case, COVID changed things unexpectedly. They thought working from home would give them more time for cooking, but it turned out to be the opposite. Work consumed so much of their time at home that they couldn't spare any for cooking. So, they started relying heavily on food deliveries. This dependency on restaurant food became unhealthy, but returning to cooking at home seemed nearly impossible. That's where Nymble stepped in to bridge the gap.

"It significantly improved our cooking routine during the pandemic, smoothly shifting us from depending on take-outs to relishing homemade meals. The kitchen robot's 'set and forget' feature simplifies cooking, enabling us to easily create delicious dishes."
- Vijay  

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3. “Nymble’s superpower is that it empowers people to be the heroes of their own kitchen.”

Reflecting back on Tushar's story, he was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, but his childhood was filled with travels across various parts of the world. Throughout his adventures, he always found joy in exploring the diverse flavors of each place he visited or lived in. Despite this, his affection for Indian cuisine, rooted in his ethnicity, remained unwavering. He attributes his love for food to his mother and later, Nymble.

Tushar with Nymble's Beta version
“It’s tough to fill the shoes of an Indian mom who is adept at cooking delicious food from scratch every single day, but Nymble definitely lives up to those expectations.”
- Tushar Dubey

Shivani Sheopory, another longtime Nymble user, shares a similar feeling. Originally from the northernmost part of India, she has been living overseas for over two decades. Over time, she grew tired of eating the repetitive American-style dishes every day. But then, Nymble's kitchen robot finally gave her the opportunity to reintroduce authentic North Indian specialties into her daily meals.

Shivani Sheopory on delivery day of Nymble's Beta version
“Nymble's kitchen robot makes the perfect Dum Aloo! Having lived abroad for almost 20 years and having struggled to find any Kashmiri food around here, this is super valuable for me. Nymble's kitchen robot is not just an appliance, it's a special little piece of my home.”
'"Atta' boy, haha! Nymble did it again! Never thought Rabdi made by a kitchen robot would make me feel like I'm back in Gurudwara!" 
- Shivani Sheopory

4. “By pre-planning our prep process, we sometimes even get to enjoy warm lunches in the middle of the day - which is a great luxury.”

Cooking as, we all know, isn't merely a routine task; it's a craft that demands mindfulness. Each step of a recipe requires careful attention and understanding. Neglecting to focus on the nuances of mixing spices, blending ingredients, and harmonizing flavors and textures can result in a lackluster dish that lacks taste and may not fulfill one's nutritional needs.

In the midst of hectic schedules, managing work, family, and personal well-being, cooking often feels like an added burden. For beginners or those overwhelmed by work responsibilities, it's easy to feel disheartened or inclined to skip cooking altogether. But let's be real—eating healthy is something we all must prioritise.

Maithilee, one of Nymble's first users

Maithilee, a tech start-up founder shares her perspective on the toil of everyday cooking:

“Cooking is not only time-consuming but it's also mentally demanding. To ensure you get a great meal, you have to be very attentive and focus entirely on what you’re cooking. Which can be very stressful when juggling multiple tasks.” 

Nymble simplifies daily meal prep, making cooking easier and more efficient. You don't have to carve out huge chunks of time to cook anymore. Instead, it changes your perspective on cooking and meal prep, altogether. You can plan ahead based on your schedule, have complete control over your meals, and still have the flexibility to handle other tasks.

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5. “This takes away so much of the guesswork that goes into everyday cooking and meal planning.”

Many users affectionately refer to Nymble as their "private chef", and for good reason. It goes beyond just being a quick-fix cooking appliance, providing a comprehensive meal-planning solution. Nymble autonomously prepares meals and meticulously plans your daily or weekly menu well in advance. With its various filter options, ranging from dietary preferences to cooking styles and even curated menus for special occasions, Nymble becomes more than your regular cooking appliance. By consolidating cooking and meal planning into one seamless platform, Nymble streamlines the entire process, sparing users the tedious task of scouring recipe books or websites.

"We love how easy it is to find just the right recipe or get the exact ingredients for a new dish. It breaks everything down in simple steps – what goes in, how to prep and measure, and even make it fit a specific diet.”
- Jayganesh
Jayganesh and his wife, with Nymble's kitchen robot.

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“The convenience of simply placing everything into the setup, initiating the process, and then hitting the gym while knowing that I'll return to a meal freshly prepared is truly invaluable to me.”
- Nitin

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6. “As new parents, our top priority was our child's health, which meant ensuring that he was fed healthy, freshly cooked food daily.”

In the midst of juggling childcare and work, Vikas and his wife turned to Nymble. With the kitchen robot taking charge in the kitchen, they had more time for their newborn son. Its flexibility in recipes made it easy to cater to their son's dietary needs, ensuring their family meals were both nutritious and convenient.

"As new parents, ensuring our child's health was our top priority, but regular cooking became overwhelming. Nymble has empowered us to effortlessly create fresh, healthy, and kid-friendly meals.”
- Vikas

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7. “Thanks to Nymble's extensive selection of kid-friendly recipes, my picky eaters always have a variety of options to choose from.”

Jyothi, Natasha, and Surbhi, three dedicated working mothers, have also found a reliable solution in Nymble. For Jyothi, Nymble has turned cooking from a tedious task into a joyful and effortless experience. Natasha relies on her kitchen robot to efficiently manage all her family's meals throughout the day, allowing her to maintain her work schedule without interruption. In Surbhi’s case, she has empowered her children to become proficient with the device, enabling them to take charge of their own daily meals and granting her valuable free time. With its diverse range of recipes and user-friendly interface, Nymble has become their personal chef, helping them enjoy quality time alone or with family much more than before.

"Nymble has been a game-changer for me! With my personal chef, I can attend early morning meetings while mouthwatering breakfasts are prepared for my family, taking my multitasking skills to a whole new level."
- Natasha Chakraverti

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Nymble moms have also become recipe innovators, creating their own unique recipes and sharing them with the Nymble community.

8. “I'm using Nymble to try things that I've never tried or even heard of before.”

Many users we've spoken to emphasized a significant decrease in their reliance on food deliveries and dining out since incorporating the kitchen robot into their lives. While Nymble wasn't specifically designed to replicate the "fine-dining" experience at home, it undoubtedly provides abundant gourmet options at a considerably lower cost over time. People credit Nymble for helping them discover new flavors, expand their cooking skills, and feel more confident when hosting gatherings, showcasing its significant impact on their food journey.

“Without a doubt, investing in Nymble has been one of the best decisions we've made for our kitchen. It's become my constant companion, and since we got it, we've drastically cut down on ordering food from outside or going to restaurants. The range of dishes we can prepare is truly impressive. I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually becomes as indispensable to us as our dishwasher or mixer.”
- Jay Pillai

Get Nymble in 2024

We are delighted to share that Nymble received an overwhelming number of pre-orders in 2023, resulting in the complete sell-out of our initial batch of kitchen robots. However, we are currently ramping up production for the next batch, and by signing up today, you will secure your place on the waitlist for the upcoming release, expected in mid-2024.