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March 29, 2023

How Vikas Transformed his Kitchen from Leftover Central to a Hub of Fresh and Tasty Food with Nymble

Vikas Sharma sets an ideal example by prioritizing fresh meals over leftovers on a regular basis, by choosing Nymble.

Kaustav Ray

By prioritizing freshly made meals regularly and ditching leftovers, this new dad sets the right example.

Cooking nutritious and delicious meals for your family can be overwhelming, particularly when you have to juggle multiple responsibilities on a daily basis. The stress of meal preparation can also take up precious time that could be better spent on other important activities. However, there is hope for people like Vikas who have found a reliable solution to ease the burden of everyday cooking.

Vikas Sharma is a dedicated father and husband who calls Fremont, California his home. Throughout the day, he employs his impressive skills as a product manager at ARM. As someone who is all too familiar with balancing the responsibilities of work and family, Vikas knows that ensuring his family eats freshly cooked meals every day requires a significant investment of time and energy.

In today's fast-paced world, where people are increasingly pressed for time, striking a balance between work, family, childcare and other household responsibilities can be taxing as it is.

Mundane Mealtimes

"Cooking three times a day was never a feasible option for my wife and me," Vikas says. Due to their busy schedules, they often had to repurpose leftover meals for their next dinner, which arose from their difficulty finding enough time to prepare fresh dishes every day. While this may have been a practical solution, it became repetitive and unappetizing over time, resulting in a lack of enthusiasm during mealtimes.

The Sharmas faced even greater challenges in their daily lives after welcoming their newborn son.

"As new parents, our top priority was our child's health, which meant ensuring that he was fed healthy, freshly cooked food daily. Regular cooking became overwhelmingly stressful for us amidst everything else we had to handle."

At this point, they began looking for a solution to simplify their daily meal preparation while also meeting their own and their child's dietary needs.

A solution that they did eventually find.

Breaking Old Eating Habits, Embracing New

Vikas now leisurely starts his day by browsing through Nymble's menu to choose the recipes that will satisfy his family's needs for the day. After a brief check to verify that all necessary ingredients are present in their pantry, he puts his cooking on autopilot, freeing up precious time that can can then dedicate to other tasks.

"We are grateful for Nymble, as it has motivated us to eat fresh food again," he says. He reminisces about the period of shelter-in-place during the COVID pandemic when his family devoted more time to cooking. This led to an improvement in their eating habits with a focus on fresher and higher quality food, even though it required much more effort. However, as life started to return to normal, and daily office commute resumed, they had no choice but to revert to their old habit of consuming packaged foods and leftovers from prior meals.

"Nymble has given us the power to effortlessly make fresh and healthy meals, allowing us to take control of our food intake with ease."

Vikas expressed that the introduction of the kitchen robot has led to a significant reduction in their food delivery costs, which they used to also rely on before incorporating Nymble into their routine.

Making the Shift from Cereals and Leftovers to Fresh Food

The Sharmas now prioritize fresh dishes for every meal of the day.

Vikas and his wife used to depend on cereal and milk for breakfast and frequently ate leftovers from their prior meal, especially on busy work days when they didn't have enough time to prepare meals from fresh ingredients. However, their desire for fresh food every day remained constant.

Vikas explained how their daily breakfasts became more varied after Nymble permanently took over cooking duties - “Before Nymble, we used to have the same old cereals in the mornings, but now we get to eat some of our favorite breakfasts - Poha, Upma, Vermicelli or whatever new breakfast recipes there are to try on it.”

Vikas' wife, Rachna, enjoys the convenience of being able to select recipes based on ingredients. With Nymble, she filters through the ingredients she has on hand, selects one - like carrots, for example - and chooses a recipe such as “Carrot Halwa'' which Nymble can start cooking right away. “This takes away so much of the guesswork that goes into everyday cooking and meal planning", she says.

“Since discovering Nymble, everything has changed for us. Our meals are always cooked to our exact specifications and served fresh at the perfect time. This meant that the freshness and quality of food was always guaranteed.”

The World on their Plate

Vikas and his family love their Bhindi and Aloo Gobhi (traditional Indian comfort food) but what they appreciate even more is the ability to experiment with different cuisines every day. 

“Nymble elevates our daily eating experience at home. We don’t even have to splurge on restaurant visits anymore.”

Vikas shared that his family has discovered a new world of food – cuisines they would have never tried if it wasn't for Nymble, their “robot-chef” (as they sometimes like to call it). “The robot-chef cooks our favorite Indian recipes just the way we like them, so that’s ideal, but whenever there is a new recipe update, a dish that we have never tried before, we get quite excited to try it. Having so many food options at our fingertips is an incredible feeling!”, Vikas says.

In fact, "robot-chef" is only one of the go-to nicknames for their kitchen robot. The family has come up with a new nickname for Nymble, that they think suits it much better.

Nymble assisted the Sharmas in maximizing their smart cooking practices.

At the end of our discussion, Vikas confessed that he had been waiting for a product like Nymble for a very long time. Also, a user of Rotimatic (an automated Indian-style flatbread maker, "Roti" being the traditional flatbread), he mentions that he briefly stopped using it for only one reason - “We had to spend a considerable amount of time making the curries that go with the rotis, and we didn't really end up saving much time in the kitchen.” He goes on to say:

“We needed a Currymatic for our Rotimatic - and Nymble was it!”

Hear Vikas talk about life before, and after Nymble:

If like Vikas, you'd like to automate your everyday cooking and feed fresh, high-quality meals to your family, Nymble is what your kitchen needs.

The first batch of Nymble is sold out, and deliveries start in June 2024. We'll start accepting reservations for the next batch at approximately the same time we start delivering the first batch. We'll be sharing more information closer to this date. See you soon!!